The Operation Section produces, treats, disinfects, and stores the water for delivery to the public. Water is produced from 51 deep wells relying solely on groundwater from the Bunker Hill basin to meet the growing needs of our community. Many of the Departments production wells, reservoirs, and pumping stations, are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and blend into surrounding neighborhoods and environments; some resembling single story homes with water efficient and California native landscaping.

Treatment Methods

The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department uses different technologies to treat water. One of these is Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filtration. This process can treat over 41 million gallons of water per day. Another method of treatment is Air Stripping from which 22 million gallons of water per day can be treated. These treatment techniques are designed to remove volatile organic contaminants to a level of non-detection before being served to the community.

Disinfecting & Distributing

All groundwater pumped from the basin or subjected to treatment is then disinfected. Chlorine is injected into the water supply at very low levels to provide protection from potentially-threatening conditions that may result during an earthquake or natural disaster. The water is then distributed to over 23 separate pressure zones and 38 reservoirs with a total storage capacity of over 115 Million gallons of water throughout the San Bernardino area.


Additional sections within the Water Utility Operations Section contribute to our commitment to insure public health and safety. We believe people make the difference, and maintaining a team-orientated environment allows us to successfully respond to many challenges each day. Each section consists of highly-trained and professional personnel who maintain certifications in water treatment and distribution, and continuously demonstrate their knowledge and experience of the water industry. Relying on the strengths of our employees empowers the City of San Bernardino Water Department with a dedicated and quality work force.

Water Treatment Facility
Outside of the Water Department
Inside of the Water Department