Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD) operates a Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide current and accurate geographic or spatial data and maps to Water Department, other agencies, and the general public. We promote the use of GIS and related technologies to more effectively and efficiently address problems, develop plans, and manage the infrastructure resources of the City. SBMWD implemented GIS to streamline the water department operations and address the mapping needs.

The interactive map below shows the parcel information for the City of San Bernardino. Click a parcel will give you information specific for that parcel. Additional features are: Find parcel by address or APN, and ability to measure distances.

GIS Parcel Map - Click the map below to access the Interactive Map


Pressure Zone Map - Click the map below to access the map. SBMWD assumes no legal responsibility of any nature resulting from the use of information contained on this map. The data used to generate this map is dynamic, represent a range only, and the pressure is not static and can fluctuate with demand.