Service and Infrastructure

Serving the San Bernardino Community

The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department water service area is approximately 45 square miles, providing water to approximately 200,000 persons in the City of San Bernardino and unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County. 

Water Distribution System

The first water distribution system in San Bernardino provided water supplies for approximately six thousand citizens within a one square mile service area. In contrast, the water supply distribution network now encompasses over 45,000 service connections including over 700 miles of water mains.

One of the greatest challenges facing water utilities across the nation is the ongoing replacement of water distribution system components. SBMWD addresses this issue with a Water System Master Plan which prioritizes the water lines that needing replacement and identifies areas of the City which need additional wells, reservoirs and boosting capacity.

Advanced Monitoring Technology

Each portion of our distribution system is monitored by an advanced network of sensors and computers (called a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System, or SCADA) that reports from moment to moment on critical water quality factors, such as water pressure, chlorine content, and on the system's integrity.

Systems that Promote Safety

Due to the decentralized nature of our distribution infrastructure, our water system is highly resilient. Instead of using a few large reservoirs, the Water Department uses many smaller ones. This means potential natural or man-made disasters are more likely to affect only a portion of the water system. We can quickly isolate problems and take water from other parts of the system to replace what we take offline. The people that monitor this system are all certified to meet State of California requirements.

The different levels of certification maintained by our employees are awarded based on college-level course work, work experience, and state-administered tests.

Devils Canyon Reservoir Rooftop
Newmark Pump and Meter
Sycamore Reservoir