About the Water Department

City of San Bernardino Water Department

Trusted, Quality Service Since 1905

Established in 1905, the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD) was created as a municipal utility by the City of San Bernardino Charter and is governed by a five-member Water Board appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  The SBMWD water service area is approximately 45 square miles, and SBMWD provides potable water and wastewater collection and treatment services to approximately 200,000 persons in the City of San Bernardino and unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County. In addition, SBMWD provides sewer treatment and wastewater services to the residents and ratepayers of the City of Loma Linda, East Valley Water District and the City of Colton.   

Who We Are

The SBMWD team is comprised of approximately 250 employees who represent the five divisions of the Department:

  • Administrative Services
  • Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
  • Finance
  • Water Utility
  • Water Reclamation

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About our Water Source

The San Bernardino service area receives its water supply from an underground aquifer called Bunker Hill Basin which is concentrated at the Northwestern end of the city. The water contained in the Bunker Hill Basin is replenished with rain and snowmelt that filters through our local San Bernardino Mountains. This local water supply ensures that customers of the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department receive high quality, low-cost water as compared to other communities.  SBMWD also imports water from the State Water Project and spreads these supplies in local basins to replenish our groundwater. 

Regional Water Supplies

We share the water in the Bunker Hill Basin with more than 20 other local public and private water suppliers. All of these water suppliers have developed long-term plans to protect the quality of water in the basin and to protect the watershed. It is one of our highest priorities to follow and further develop these plans as the Inland Empire's population grows, and water needs change. In all, more than 600,000 residents of the greater Riverside-San Bernardino area depend on the basin for their water, making our jobs a tremendous responsibility.

Our Mission

For over a century, SBMWD has been committed to delivering trusted, quality service to its residents and ratepayers. It is our mission to meet the needs of the community by providing sustainable, high-quality water supply and wastewater services in the most professional, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective manner possible.

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