Water Quality

The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department’s Water Quality Control section is responsible for a complex monitoring program to assure safe and potable drinking water that meets and exceeds State of California Regional Water Quality Control Board and the United States Environmental Protection Agencies drinking water standards. Highly trained Technicians collect thousands of samples adhering to stringent collection methods and monitoring schedules established by these agencies to assure high quality drinking water is being delivered to its consumers. For more information regarding your drinking water please view the following documents and links:

Cross-Connection Control

The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department’s (SBMWD) Cross-Connection Control Program enforces California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Title 17 requirements that protect the public water supply from contamination by implementation of a cross-connection program. SBMWD’s program requires inspection of industrial, and commercial facilities, and some residential properties for hazards that may pollute or contaminant the drinking water system. If there is a danger, or potential danger from contamination by on site activities or process’s that can cause back pressure or back siphoning of water that is being delivered to a facility or home, a back flow prevention device will be required to be installed.

If you have been notified that your facility or residential property requires a back flow prevention device please follow the instructions and requirements as outlined in the notice. For more information regarding these requirements please view the following information:

Geothermal System

The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department's Geothermal Heating District serves the City of San Bernardino with a low-cost ecologically-correct alternative to fossil fuel heating. The Geothermal Heating District operates 365 days a year and was formed in 1984. District heating rates were established to be at 75% the cost of gas or less. 

Purpose of the Geothermal System

Direct geothermal use inlet costs are at half the regular water rates which equates out to 44 cents per hundred cubic foot or 748 gallons of fluid. This very soft water or fluid, as we call it, is less than one grain hardness and ideal for laundry-type application. Eighteen miles of insulated distribution lines transport this fluid throughout the downtown hub and surrounding areas. Twin 200 horse turbines provide power for pumping capacity, which is capable of producing approximately 4,200 gallons per minute. View more information on the system: