Environmental Control

The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD) Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) receives approximately 22 million gallons of wastewater each day. The wastewater discharged from industrial and commercial facilities is required to meet the discharge limits specified in SBMWD' Rule and Regulation No. 26 - Wastewater  Facility and Non-Domestic Discharge Permits.  The Environmental Control Section is responsible for implementing an approved pretreatment program to enforce the regulations included in Rule and Regulation No. 26.

Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program

The Environmental Control Section enforces pretreatment regulations contained in Rule and Regulation No. 26. Regulations include specific permitting requirements, inspection procedures and wastewater discharge limitations. Appropriate enforcement actions as outlined in the Enforcement Response Plan (ERP) are followed to maintain compliance with required standards. View Resolution Number 708 - Industrial User and Liquid Waste Hauler Fees (PDF).

Wastewater Discharge Regulations

Wastewater Discharge Regulations including:

  • Rule and Regulation No. 1 (PDF) Enforcement Response Plan (PDF)
  • Rule and Regulation No. 26 (PDF)  Pre-treatment Program Ordinance
  • Pretreatment Program Sewer Fees

Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permits

The pretreatment program requires all users who discharge non-domestic wastewater to be issued an industrial wastewater discharge permit based on the type of the facility:

Septic Regulations

San Bernardino Municipal Water Department Septic Regulations applications:

Industrial User Applications

Industrial Users who propose to discharge non-domestic wastewater to the SBMWD Water Reclamation Plant must complete the respective permit application for their industry. The application is required to be submitted to the Environmental Control Section for review and approval before discharge commences. Any pretreatment conditions or requirements will be included in the Industrial User permit issued to the applicant.

View the applications:

Plan Check Procedures

All new Industrial Users and those who complete tenant improvements are required to submit the project to the Environmental Control  Section for review and approval before construction initiates. Pre-treatment requirements will be reviewed with the applicant during the plan check review process. On site field inspections are completed by the Environmental Control Section for Environmental Control- Pretreatment Rough Plumbing and Environmental Control - Pretreatment Equipment as indicated on the Building Department job card issued to the applicant. 

View the procedures and policies:

Pollution Prevention Program

General Pretreatment Program Requirements and Pollution Prevention/Best Management Practice Posters and Brochures for Automotive Facilities and Restaurants. View the Pollution Prevention Program page, English and Spanish versions of brochures are available.

Inland Empire Brine Line

The Environmental Control Section operates a brine waste disposal station which discharges to the Inland Empire Brine Line (IEBL). The IEBL station is designed to accept high strength TDS wastewater which is not permitted to be discharged to the SBMWD Water Reclamation Plant. The IEBL station is operated under an agreement with the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (VALLEY). Industrial Users within the VALLEY service area are required to submit an IEBL Indirect Discharge Permit application which must be reviewed and approved before a permit to discharge is issued. View the permit applications: