How do I connect the Public Sewer system and how much is it to connect?

Firstly, call SBMWD’s Engineering Section to see if a sewer main is fronting the property. Engineering can be reached at (909) 453-6175.

If a sewer main fronts the property, submit a Rule & Reg. 5 Sewer Application with the appropriate application fees to Customer Service at 1350 South “E” Street. SBMWD’s Engineering Section will create a Sewer Cost Invoice to connect to the Public Sewer System. 

Payment of the Sewer Cost Invoice will be done at Customer Service. After payment, the engineer will generate a Sewer Capacity Certificate. Before constructing the new sewer lateral be sure to obtain the correct Public Works Permits to be in the street, and the Public Works Permit will be checked before an inspection can be scheduled. The inspection of the new sewer lateral will be done through SBMWD’s Engineering Section, please call (909) 453-6175 to schedule an inspection. Once the new sewer lateral has been approved, the contractor or property owner on site will be given a signed Connection Permit.

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