Capital Improvement Projects

The Engineering section is responsible for coordinating and implementing the Capital Improvements Projects (CIP) that include water and sewer system repairs and new infrastructure such as pipelines, pumping stations, lift stations, and reservoirs. The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD) is aggressively pursuing replacement of existing pipelines due to age and leakage information. These projects are designed both in-house and are contracted to outside consultants.

The project listed in the CIP are reviewed annually by the Department to allow the program to be more responsive to changing needs, regulations, funding availability, and demand projects.

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Call before you dig: Contractors, developers, and homeowners are required by law to call Underground Service Alert at 1-800-227-2600 at least two days before digging.

2019 to 2020 Capital Improvement Program Projects

Annual Replacement & Rehabilitation - for Booster Pumps and ACVs
Booster Pumps, ACVs
Project involves either the replacement or rehabilitation of booster pumps, and automatic control valves (ACV) as a result of mechanical or electrical equipment failure, including the installation of SCADA facilities on non-monitored pumps or wells .
Annual Wells and Pumping Equipment Rehabilitation and Replacement  Wells and Pumping EquipmentProject involves the replacement or rehabilitation of various wells to include Geothermal ground water production wells as a result of mechanical or electrical equipment failure.
Annual Replacement and Rehabilitation - Water System Security, SCADA and Telemetry Upgrades
New Facilities and Plants
Project involves the installation of security cameras, video recording DVRs, fencing, locking hardware, intrusion alarms and other miscellaneous security hardening devices to improve security at operations plant site.  Installation of SCADA instrumentation at plant sites that currently do not have the capability of remote monitoring/operating and are currently monitored/operated locally.
Annual Replacement & Rehabilitation - Plant Site Improvements
New Facilities and Plants
Project involves the construction of miscellaneous plant site improvements including, but not limited to, the following:  walls, fencing, landscaping, lighting, etc. The design and construction of materials storage bins at the B. Warren Cocke Plant.
Consent Decree Remedy Replacement and Rehabilitation
Consent Decree RemedyProject involves the construction of a new shallow well adjacent to the existing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Wells, focusing on flow capture in the shallow and intermediate aquifers within the Muscoy OU. The replacement or rehabilitation of Newmark OU wells as a result of mechanical or electrical equipment failure. Replacement or rehabilitation of EPA treatment plant appurtenances, including vessels, valves, and piping.
Enhancement of San Bernardino Basin Area Groundwater Flow ModelPublic WorksEPA awarded a grant to SBMWD, in conjunction with San Bernardino Valley Municipal District, for updating and enhancing the Regional Basin Groundwater Flow Model/Newmark Groundwater Flow Model (RBFM/NGFM) and Regional Basin Solute Transport Model (RBSTM).
Facilities and Plants Annual Replacement and Rehabilitation Facilities and PlantsProject involves the removal and replacement of operations system valves located inside plant sites that have either failed or exceeded their design life. The removal and replacement of aging electrical panels that do not meet code, located at Department plant sites.
New System Assets: Facilities and PlantsNew AssetsDesign for new production well. Proposed project to re-design a 1 Million Gallon 2300 Pressure Zone tank, booster station and transmission pipeline. The architectural design, construction and any tenant improvements necessary to relocate Water Department staff from various locations of the City to 397 Chandler Avenue. Continuing development of the GIS database and field applications for improved staff efficiencies. 
Redlands Passenger Rail Project Main Replacements Public Works Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) is scheduled to begin in 2018. The Project is an approximately 9-mile passenger rail transit system on existing railroad right-of-way between the San Bernardino Transit Center, located at Rialto Ave and “E” St in the City of San Bernardino, to the University of Redlands campus in the City of Redlands. 
Reservoir Rehabilitation: Seismic Upgrades Group 1, Structural Evaluation and Relining
ReservoirProject involves the seismic retrofitting of the Department's multiple reinforced concrete and welded steel water storage tanks, and the potential relining of the interior concrete to address water loss and cracks.
System Appurtenances Rehabilitation and Replacement
System Appurtenances
Replace various sampling stands throughout the service area which have exceeded their useful life or not installed per standard. Installation of traffic rated vault lids on large meter vaults due to vault lid failures. Installation of new, modernized water meters to replace aging, inefficient meters for more efficiency. Removal and replacement of distribution System Valves and Fire Hydrants that have either failed or exceeded their design life. The removal and replacement of backflow devices owned by the City of San Bernardino for City facilities.
Water Main Replacement
Water MainProject involves the replacement of 16 inches pipeline with 30 inches pipeline on Meridian Avenue. Replacement of system wide problematic pipelines due to age, size, corrosion, and/or extreme leak history. Pipeline Improvements from Water Facilities Master Plan.